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Parker Trail Riders in Parker, Colorado

Parker Trail Riders


Parker, Colorado

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2018 Results

 Click for 2018 Champion Slideshow


Gymkhana Results:


May 19th   Rained Out
 June 16th  Results  Standings 
 July 21st Results  Standings 
 Aug 18th  Results  Standings 
Sept 15th  Results  Standings
Oct 6th  Results Standings



Pleasure Show Results:


May 27th  Results  Standings 
 June 24th  Results  Standings 
 July 22th Results  Standings 
 Aug 19th  Results  Standings 
Sept 30th  Results  Standings
Oct 6th Results Standings

Volunteer Hours Reports:


Volunteer Hours- as of April 30

Volenteer Hours- as of August 20


2017 Results

Click for 2017 Champion Slideshow



Gymkhana Results:


 May 20th  Rained  Out
 June 17th
 Results  Standings 
 July 15th  Results  Standings 
 Aug. 19th  Results  Standings 
 Sept. 16th  Results  Standings 
 Oct. 1st  Results  Standings 









Pleasure Show Results:


May 28th  Results  Standings 
 June 25th  Results  Standings 
 July 30th  Eng/Trail Results Standings 
 Aug 27th  Results  Standings 
 Sept 24th  Rained Out
 Rained Out
Oct 1st  Results  Standings



Volunteer Hours Reports:


 Volunteer Hours- as of June 3rd

 Volunteer Hours- as of August 6th

 Volunteer Hours- as of August 27th

 Volunteer Hours- as of September 10th




2016 Results

Click for 2016 Champion Slideshow



 Gymkhana Results:


 May 21st  Results  Standings 
 June 18th
 Results  Standings 
 July 16th  Results  Standings 
 Aug. 20th  Results  Standings 
 Sept. 17th  Results  Standings 


   Pleasure Show Results:


May 29th  Results  Standings 
 June 26th  Results  Standings 
 July 31st  Results  Standings 
 Aug 28th  Results  Standings 
 Sept 25th  Results  Standings 

 Volunteer Hours Reports:


Volunteer Hours- as of June 6th

Volunteer Hours- as of July 27th

Volunteer Hours- as of Sept. 7th






2015 Results

Click Here to see the 2015 Awards Banquet Slide Show!!



Gymkhana Results:


 May 16th  Results  Standings 
 June 20st  Results  Standings 
 July 18th  Results  Standings 
 Aug. 15th  Results  Standings 
 Sept. 19th  Results  Standings 


Pleasure Show Results:


May 31st  Results  Standings 
 June 28th  Results  Standings 
 July 26th  Results  Standings 
 Aug 30th  Results  Standings 
 Sept 27th  Results  Standings 


Volunteer Hours Reports:


Volunteer Hours as of 3-30-2015

Volunteer Hours as of 5-30-2015

Volunteer Hours as of 7-20-2015

Volunteer Hours as of 8-5-2015

2014 Champions


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