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Parker Trail Riders in Parker, Colorado

Parker Trail Riders


Parker, Colorado

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Trail Rides

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Parker Trail Riders is dedicated to creating trail riding events for all levels of riders and comfort level of their horses within the beauty of the Front Range Colorado Area.


We strive to have trail rides that are safe, enjoyable and relaxing including some “on the trail clinics” that can be a fantastic on-the-go learning experience and to also introduce the fun, exciting group entertainment of overnight and extended Horse Camping trips.


We always have a fully experienced Trail Rider with our group to help explain and guide our newer riders through any new experiences.


Each of our scheduled rides and events throughout the year are fully explained in advance with detailed Trail Ratings, Descriptions, Parking information, Estimated Time Range and suggested supplies and have been ridden prior by one of experienced Trail Leaders.

At Parker Trail Riders we believe in preserving the trails we ride and have a high level of Trail Etiquette we follow both for the safety of our members and the pristine Colorado trails we use.

Trail Rides in Parker, CO

Some general items to remember are:
  • Secure your spot early by sending your RSVP in as soon as you are able. Please inform your Trail Boss if you are new to that level of Trail or have any concerns. We can buddy you up where appropriate.
  • Arrive early enough to be mounted and ready to ride at the appointed departure time.
  • When Parking leave room for others to park and tie up. If possible “Horse Pool”.
  • Have your PTR Trail Ride Fee, Parking Fee (if applicable) ready for Trail Boss Collection before the ride starts.
  • Do not allow your horse to “say hello” by touching noses or sniffing each other. We all know horses can strike wheel, kick or rear and riders can be hurt in the process.
  • If your horse is prone to kick out please put a red ribbon on tail allowing other members to recognize and keep a good distance.
  • Please ride Single File.
  • Do not ride to close to the rear of the other horse. Both of you can’t see where you are going!
  • We are walk only Trail Riders, please do not Trot or Canter.
  • Many rides will have lunch on the trail. Pack food and water and a must is a halter to be able to tie your horse off at lunch.
  • Clean up any manure hay or trash at your vehicle before you leave.

Parker Trail Riders


P.O. BOX 3915

Parker, Colorado 80134


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PACE Center
20000 Pikes Peak Avenue

Parker, CO 80138


Join us the 3rd Tuesday

of each month at 7:30 pm
(no meetings in Dec. and Jan.)


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